Step One:
Start by trimming your nails with a nail clipper. Then using the wooden cuticle pusher included in your application kit, push back your cuticles. This is an important step you don’t want to miss or skip! Pushing back the cuticle will help prevent lifting of your press on nails.

Step Two:
Use the nail file to lightly buff out the shine on your natural nail. Press on nails stick better to a rough surface! We pre-file the back of the nail to assure maximum adhesion. 

Step Three:
Use the alcohol wipe provided to prime the nails. This will remove any oils on your natural nail which can lead to lifting.

Step Four:
Add some glue to the back of the nail, and then press firmly against your natural nail and hold in place for 10 seconds. The glue can also be applied to your natural nail. If need be you can use the file included in your kit to shape around the press on nail to better suit your finger.

Step Five:
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