Reusable Nail Removal Kit

Reusable Nail Removal Kit

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Everything you need to remove fake nails including, press ons, gel polish ,acrylic & SNS dip powder sets. 

This kit includes:

x1 Soak off bowl (black/pink)

x1 200ml empty acetone bottle 

x1 Buff and shine block 

x2 Wood stick/cuticle pushes

x1 Nail file

x1 Sample moisturizer


How to remove artifical nails with your removal kit: 

Step One: Using a nail clipper, cut down the nails to a short length. (The shorter the better)

Step Two: Using the nail file included in your kit file off the top layer of polish. (Make sure all the shine is removed) 

Step Three: Fill soak off bowl with 100% Acetone. (Do not over fill, just enough to cover your nails completely.) 

Step Four: Soak nails in acetone for 10 minutes. Then use the wood stick or file provided to file off the next layer. 

Step Five: Repeat the process until all product is removed from the nail. Once removed, use the rough side of the buffer block remove any remaining product on the surface of the nail. 

Step Six: Use the soft side of the buffer block to smooth and add shine to your natural nail. 

Step Seven: Moisturize nail and nail beds with the moisturizer included in your kit.